Sigrid Matthews

Sigrid Matthews 500 E-RYT has been teaching yoga and fitness since 1986. Sigrid earned her B.A. in Theatre, Film, and Television at UCLA where she studied movement and dance extensively. She also studied yoga with her first teacher Billy Porter. Sigrid moved to Europe where she acted and did voice over work as well as attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts where she studied the Alexander Technique. When she returned to the States she took up residency in Manhattan and continued teaching fitness interwoven with yoga, movement technique, and metaphysical principles. Returning to Los Angeles in the early 90’s Sigrid co taught with Carol Adrienne “The Purpose of Your Life Workshops” at Esalen and began teaching yoga and guided meditation exclusively. She has continued to study throughout her career completing 2 years of the LMU therapy program, massage, and aromatherapy certifications. Sigrid established the Black Dog Teacher Training program which has turned out some of the finest next generation yoga teachers and has developed a therapeutic Focused Flow TM style that is accessible to a wide range of students. Sigrid is also co-owner of Black Dog Yoga, has numerous videos online at and is a contributor to Yoga Journal online.

Sigrid Matthews

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