Meet the YogaVibes Team

We're real yogis in North Carolina with big hearts and a deep love of yoga, coming together to bring yoga right to you!

Brian Ratte, Founder

Brian founded YogaVibes in 2009 - 5 years to the day of his 5th year in sobriety.  In many ways yoga changed his life and he wanted to share yoga with the world.  Brian has been in the technology world for a long time and been part of some pretty cool start ups.  Brian loves to stay active and practices yoga on and off the mat daily.   
Favorite Poses: Dancer, Warrior II, Half Pigeon, Tripod Headstand

Tracey Ratte, Social Dot-Connector

Daughter of a yogi, Tracey learned yogic philosophies from a very early age. She has been on and off her mat practicing yoga for 18 years, and also enjoys studying yoga's sister sciences Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology.   Tracey is a holistic nutritionist in two functional medical clinics, and in private practice. She also fancies herself as a health hacker, kitchen witch, and farmers market groupie.

Favorite Yoga Poses: Half Pigeon, Happy Cow's Face, Tree, and Childs

Stephanie Momot Rhodes, Director of Operations

Steph got into yoga the way you fall asleep - slowly, and then all at once. After dancing for 20 years, she started taking yoga while on her Fulbright in Macau, and when she came back to the States she wasted no time diving into a teacher training and studying up on Ayurveda. In addition to teaching yoga and YogaVibes operations, Steph remains an academic with a love for languages (including Sanskrit!) and has a bit of wanderlust and a love for the kitchen and playing with her puppy Zelda.

Favorite Yoga Poses: Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel), Surya Yantrasana (Sundial), and Wild Thing

Jen Jordan, Content Manager

Jen discovered yoga in 2007 after going through a difficult period in her life, and, much like Brian, she sees yoga as an actual life saver. Although Jen has completed a number of teacher trainings and intensives, she is most content in her role as student. When she isn't creating videos for YogaVibes, Jen can be found out in the yard working her beehives. The mindfulness cultivated in a yoga practice lends itself nicely to the practice of beekeeping, and lifting heavy boxes of honey is hard work, so maintaining a strong, stable core and upper body is essential!

Favorite Yoga Poses: side plank variations, seated pigeon, and standing in tree pose at her standing desk while editing videos for YogaVibes!

Raudhah Rahman, Director of Client Engagement

Raudhah helps yoga teachers become digital yoga entrepreneurs. She found her way into YogaVibes through one of the clients and loves the 'work from home' life. After completing her 500 hour training, she combined mobility drills, a kickass playlist, and a drizzle of philosophy in her wall vinyasa class. In her previous life, she majored in genetics and spent time at Duke working as a clinical researcher. Raudhah loves all things fashion and all you can eat buffets!

Favorite Yoga Poses: Legs up the wall, Frog pose and sukhasana

Alex Moody, Customer Service Representative

Alex Moody is an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner, yoga instructor and intuitive reader {in addition to customer service representative at YogaVibes!) in Asheville, North Carolina. Alex suffered from chronic migraines through her teens and twenties which lead her on a journey to discover many healing modalities, including yoga and the bodywork Ortho-Bionomy. Alex has lived in Western North Carolina for 14+ years and completed her 500 hour yoga therapeutics training at Asheville Yoga Center. In her previous life, she majored in creative writing at Appalachian State University, achieved her master's in higher education administration from the University of Virginia, and was a career counselor for over 5 years. Alex enjoys time with her dog, Tomato, and her partner, Tom (names were not planned)..  

Favorite Yoga Poses:   legs up the wall, childs pose and standing forward fold


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