Meet the YogaVibes Team

We're real yogis in North Carolina with big hearts and a deep love of yoga, coming together to bring yoga right to you!

Brian Ratte, Founder

Brian founded YogaVibes in 2009 - 5 years to the day of his 5th year in sobriety.  In many ways yoga changed his life and he wanted to share yoga with the world.  Brian has been in the technology world for a long time and been part of some pretty cool start ups.  Brian loves to stay active and practices yoga on and off the mat daily.   
Favorite Poses: Dancer, Warrior II, Half Pigeon, Tripod Headstand

Tracey Ratte, Social Dot-Connector

Daughter of a yogi, Tracey learned yogic philosophies from a very early age. She has been on and off her mat practicing yoga for 18 years, and also enjoys studying yoga's sister sciences Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology.   Tracey is a holistic nutritionist in two functional medical clinics, and in private practice. She also fancies herself as a health hacker, kitchen witch, and farmers market groupie.

Favaorite Yoga Poses: Half Pigeon, Happy Cow's Face, Tree, and Childs

Kaitlin Lacey, Director of Operations

Kaitlin has been teaching yoga since 2008. She's an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP with Yoga Alliance (that means she's completed a lot of training, done a lot of teaching, and offers continuing ed to other teachers). Kaitlin is enamored with yoga philosophy, meditation, and pranayama. She's also an avid student and teacher of ayurveda, the sister science to yoga that focuses on health and wellbeing. For Kaitlin the journey of svadhyaya, self study, has taken yoga from abstract to personal, from intellectual to visceral, and from ego to cosmic perspective. Or if not all the way there, at least those shifts are in progress!

Favorite Yoga Poses: Balancing Half Moon, Ashta Vakrasana, King Pigeon, and Sukhasana

Lillian Jacobs, Customer Service

Lillian is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, AcroYoga instructor, and a holistic health coach. She is passionate about all things Yoga and thrilled to be a part of YogaVibes. When she's not on the mat or at YogaVibes you can find her hiking with her mini daschund, experimenting with all things Ayurveda, and perusing food blogs.  

Favorite Yoga Poses:  Half Pigeon, Urdhva Danurasana, Hanumanasana, Legs Up the Wall


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