Bedtime Yoga: The Best Poses & Practices to Help You Catch Some Z’s

Think about your bedtime routine. If you’re like most people these days, you probably end up scrolling through social media, watching videos, or replying to emails in bed instead of allowing yourself to drift off to sleep. We live busy lives, and it can be hard to let ourselves truly relax and unplug at night. […]
Towels and blankets are the most multi-functional yoga props there are. Roll them, fold them, and spread them out!

Creative Alternatives for Yoga Props

One of the biggest misconceptions about yoga is that you need to be flexible to do it. Quite the opposite, yoga will help you increase your flexibility! You don’t need to have bendy joints and hypermobility to start. One of the best ways to ease yourself into poses you find particularly difficult is with props. […]

Level Up Your Self Care with Abhyanga

This week’s blog is from a long-time YogaVibes teacher, wellness advocate, and Ayurvedic health coach Lillian Jacobs. She is covering a fundamental pillar of self care, taking care of your body. Read on to see how Lillian uses Ayurvedic wisdom to nourish her joints and ditch the wrinkle cream! ——————————————————– The month of February is […]