Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams is social media expert and Vinyasa Yoga instructor very popular for his contributions to Yoga Journal 8217 s Business of Yoga series and workshops. His teaching style is athletic, energizing and encouraging with excellent, easy to follow instruction. His welcoming vibe and radiant energy make him a very popular pick on YogaVibes, both for beginner and experienced yogis. When you press play on a Justin Michael Williams yoga video, be prepared for a playful, yet powerful workout. Also, be ready to break a sweat. His online yoga videos combine elements of Pilates, strength training, and traditional Vinyasa Yoga, delivering a truly unique and transforming yoga experience. If you 8217 re turning to yoga to tap into more joy or to feel more vibrant and alive in mind, body and spirit, you can 8217 t go wrong with Justin as your guide! For more on Justin www.justinmichaelwilliams.com.

Justin Michael Williams

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