Kat Schamens

Kat began her yoga journey at age 12 when she heard it would compliment her dancing. Since then Kat has been diving deep into the practice and loves sharing her passion with you. She has over 1,000 hours of trainings from OM Factory, Laughing Lotus, Yoga Vida + Dharma Mittra. She enjoys merging these styles together to create a cohesive fun flow with an underlying philosophical message. Her yoga classes are created to stimulate the imagination while formulating a grounding foundation to enable one to be equally lifted and rooted. Her goal is to continue inspiring students of all ages to dig deep in their practice and discover their inner sparkle. To reflect ones inner sparkle on an external level, Kat has created magical sparklewear for Katasana Apparel. You can scope out the sparklies on her website, feel free to reach out with requests as well!

Kat Schamens

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