NEW - Salutations to the Sun, Earth, Moon and Four Directions with David Moreno 34 Minute Flow



Kapha Balancing: Morning ...
Teacher: Kyra Anastasia
Pigeon and Utkatasana Wal...
Teacher: Coral Brown
Cleanse and Release Tensi...
Teacher: Stacey Rosenberg
Let's Get Moving: 20 Minu...
Teacher: Laura Burkhart

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September 14-21, 2014

Yoga Journal LIVE! Estes Park, Colorado

Choose from a multitude of classes from yoga's luminaries!

This is really a great class if you don't quite have an hour to practice...going into my favorites. Also - loved the music...some Pink Floyd and Lez Zepplin Stairway to Heaven...nice!!! Namaste

Michelle R

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