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Prenatal Yoga for Lower Back and SI Discomfort
Teacher: Lauren Sacks
Yoga Basics with Kyra Ana...
Teacher: Kyra Anastasia
Prenatal Vigorous Vinyasa...
Teacher: Cat Acquaviva
Core Fusion® Yoga with...
Teacher: John Nelson
Hamstring Heaven...
Teacher: Heather Lilleston

This class was so amazing! I was feeling unfocused and stressed out and I wasn't really looking forward to doing a class. Now having completed the class I feel great, de-stressed, and alive and energized! I'm like a new person. I feel like somehow the hip openers released my hamstring tightness and the hamstring stretches that were included seemed to help open my hips! This is exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this class! Thank you so much Breena.

Georgiana R

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