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Yoga for Core Strength and Arm Balances
Teacher: Stacey Rosenberg
Front Body Opener...
Teacher: Zander Gladish
Well Balanced Flow with O...
Teacher: Laura Burkhart
Get Up and Go: Hatha Flow...
Teacher: Brenna Geehan
Fundamentals Flow...
Teacher: Coral Brown

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. This is my 10th week with YogaVibes and after completing the highly helpful 4 part introduction to Vinyasa with Ai Kubo this is an outstanding follow up class. Ms. Johnson does not offer instruction to achieve the poses thus this is not a class for the novice. However her pace is outstanding for an advanced beginner and her supportive comments to make the practice your own encourage modifications that make this class highly accessible. This is a long practice and I have yet to complete it but it is my goal to complete the 80 minutes as I am able. I am very glad I came across this class and highly recommend it.

Kennise H

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