Joanie Flavin

Joanie Flavin has been teaching yoga for 15 years, ten of those as a full time career. She brings to her students the experience and growth through yoga that has provided her with great balance and understanding of our human experience. With yoga presented therapeutically to enhance movement and ease in the body, and breath work to link the mind and body, she gives every student the tools for taking their practice into their lives off the mat. Joanie's teaching influences include Ana Forrest, Tias Little, Johnny Kest and Theresa Murphy. Through their great guidance and gifts she has found her personal approach to teaching. Her style is an intelligent Vinyasa offering a comfortable environment of non judgment and support to dive deep into each individual's needs, both physically and emotionally. Joanie encourages finding your inner grace by opening the body with total integration of movement.

Joanie Flavin

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