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"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Carol Stall is an experienced teacher with whom I had the opportunity of taking many lessons in person. She always urges her students to explore their inner wisdom and act with less agitation. She is never in a hurry to finish up the poses; she would rather let us stay longer in each pose and experience it further. She also sees yoga as part of one's physical, mental and spiritual development. This class does just that. You can enjoy the various asanas that she practices which are really beneficial to the spine. She includes breathing as a major component which almost gives you a feeling that you are actually meditating without the usual meditating postures. I felt like almost reading Eckhart Tolle while practicing, making you aware of the present every moment. There are no extreme postures, just a gentle flow of many restorative asanas with breathing awareness. The class says it is meant for intermediate students but, in my opinion, any beginner can also benefit extensively. I highly recommend Carol's class for those who want a deeper understanding and experience of the asanas with awareness to breathing and consciousness. LokaaH Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu - May all worlds and their inbabitants become happy! Namaste!"
~Geetha Santhanam on Yoga Guide: How to Do Chaturanga

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