Tiffany Wood

As a Certified Anusara 174 Yoga Teacher, Tiffany Wood is practicing and teaching her greatest passion. With 18 years of teaching experience and 14 years as a nationally certified body worker and life coach, Tiffany brings tremendous depth to the therapeutic aspect of yoga. Her students learn to align with their own hearts as they dive deeply into the power of radical self acceptance. Teaching nationally and abroad, she holds space for learning to be playful and connected to the source of wisdom that streams through all of us. Her classes are an artful blend of masterful alignment cues that speak to the body, mind and heart. Dedicated to the practice and method of Anusara Yoga, Tiffany is the chair of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga Ethics Committee and an assessor mentor for the ASHY certification process. Connecting to the international yoga community is the gift that fills Tiffany's heart on a daily basis. From local public classes to the beaches of Mexico, from teacher trainings to yoga therapy trainings, she holds being a custodian of this ancient lineage and practice sacred. Tiffany is honored to be offering weekly classes on YogaVibes, as her true service is shifting awareness, one yogi at a time.

Tiffany Wood

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