Tiffany Wood

“Yoga is looking within and loving what’s there.” The path of yoga began in 1996 for Tiffany and has opened her to the gifts of tenacity, surrender, and reverence for life. She is passionate about helping people dive into the power of radical self-acceptance. A Certified Anusara© yoga teacher, she holds space for learning to be playful and connected to the source of wisdom that flows. Teaching an integrated approach to living life with skill, she combines Universal Principles of Alignment, Tantra, applied anatomy, yoga therapy, mythology, mantra and meditation to the art of transformation. Tiffany draws upon experience from owning a small business, extensive training as a body worker, life coach, and shamanic healing arts. She has the unique ability to cultivate community by inspiring students to look within and love what's there. Tiffany serves Anusara School of Hatha Yoga as the Director of Community Relations and a Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer!

Study and Train with Tiffany Wood

Xinalani Mexico Retreat: Body is a Temple

Discover how to align with the wisdom of nature to promote physical health, psychological balance, and spiritual awakening. Each day explores how the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether activate the five primary energy flows of the body. Learn how to enhance the flow of vital life force energy through yoga and guided meditation. This retreat will particularly focus on how to explore the Subtle Body through breath and other practices that build sensitivity to how we channel energy and direct energy for our highest good.

Dates: April 27th - May 4th, 2019 Xinalani Retreat Center, Playa Xinalani, Quimixto Puerto Vallarta South Shore

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Want to EMBODY yoga? TEACH it! 200hr Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with Tiffany Wood begins May 2019. Learn and integrate teaching skills to guide students into the heart of a life affirming yoga class. Focusing on the art and science of teaching, this program is for dedicated yoga students who aim to deepen their studies & want to benefit from the safe and inspired environment for process-based learning. Self-reflection and personal growth and are at the heart of the experience.

Dates: May-December 2019 at The Shop in Park City, UT

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Tiffany Wood

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