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Yoga for Winter Endurance Sports

Yoga Class Description

As you head out into the snowy wonderland to enjoy winter endurance sports like skiing and snowshoeing, be sure to take yoga with you. Here are some poses to lengthen and strengthen your body for better enjoyment of winter sports. This online yoga sequence, taught by endurance coach and yoga teacher, Sage Rountree, releases your upper body and builds stability in your lower body - especially the glutes, which power your pushoff; the hip flexors, which help you clear your feet from the snow in preparation for the next step; and the lower leg, which has to stay stable and engaged over uneven surfaces and inside winter boots.
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Sage Rountree

Accomplished age-group triathlete, gifted runner and experienced yogi, Sage Rountree has been on a mission to introduce yoga to athletes of all ages, levels and abilities. Teaching yoga to athletes is a passion for Sage, and she has used her extensive knowledge and experience to help all types of athletes - recreational sports enthusiasts, Ironman triathletes, Olympians and NBA, NFL and NCAA players - reach peak performance. She brings everything she has to give, empowering her athletes with concrete yoga tools to increase body awareness, strengthen mental fortitude and train with greater intelligence. 

Her online yoga classes are detailed and precise, rich with modifications so that all students have a place to work comfortably. She’s popular for her sports-specific yoga routines, including Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Cyclists, Yoga for Swimmers and Yoga for Trail Runners, as well as her more focused practices, which instruct proper warm-up, activation, cool down and recovery routines. For a more targeted approach, check out her yoga videos that address common areas of tightness, injury and/or dysfunction in athletes. For more on Sage: www.sagerountree.com

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