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Yoga for a Hangover

Yoga Class Description

Even yogis like to party, but if you drink too much and feel hungover in the morning, remember to drink water, breathe deeply and move slowly. In this online yoga video, Gigi Yogini takes you through some gentle movements to ease your discomfort. If you have more time, please check out Gigi's full-length Yoga for a Hangover class on YogaVibes.
Level: Beginner  

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Gigi Yogini

Described by Origin Magazine as one of the "Most Beautiful Women Portraying Strength, Passion and Vision," Gigi Yogini is on a mission to take the Body Positive cause to the yoga community at-large. Her style is welcoming, grounding and encouraging. Leading with heart and compassion, she consistently inspires her students to find more peace, calm and clarity, both on and off the mat. Check out her Vinyasa Yoga, Core Strengthening, Kundalini, Restorative, Pranayama and Meditation yoga videos online with options for every body. For more on Gigi: www.gigiyogini.com

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