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Yoga with Weights: How to Do Extended Side Angle

Yoga Class Description

Learn the basic alignment principles of Extended Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana) in this free yoga video with Danielle Diamond. Then, learn how to amp it up with weights like she teaches in her Xen Strength Yoga videos on YogaVibes.
Level: Beginner  

Suggested Yoga Props

two light hand weights

Danielle Diamond

Danielle Diamond is a wellness blogger, yoga teacher, fitness inspiration and the mastermind behind Xen Strength Yoga with Weights. A modern twist on yoga, Xen Strength Yoga combines Vinyasa flow with light hand weights, helping students to refine alignment and build strength like never before. If you want to spice up your personal home practice with a head-to-toe, heart-pumping workout, Danielle’s accessible, all levels online yoga offerings are a sure bet! For more on Danielle and Xen Strength Yoga: www.xenstrength.com

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