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Upward Dog vs. Cobra

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Ever wonder what the difference between Upward Dog and Cobra is? Both are very similar poses, and both great choices to work on in Sun Salutations, yet they are two very distinct backbend poses. Watch this short online yoga video with Diana Oppenheim at Yoga Tree Hayes and learn how to decide whether to practice Upward Dog or Cobra today.
Level: Beginner  

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Diana Oppenheim

Diana Oppenheim is an in-it-for-life yogi. Born and raised in the mid-west, she has an affinity for simplicity, small acts of kindness and the freshest food ever. The practice of yoga is her grounding force in an ever-changing world. She believes in its power to heal, expand and bring balance to life as she has experienced it first hand. Her personal yoga practice has convinced her that she is capable of much more than expected, and she has seen the exact same thing happen to her students. With consistent, diligent and mindful practice, the yoga practice can open doors you didn't realize you had within you. In her class you will find a strong, methodical and balanced sequence that meets each student where the are at. She integrates the many styles of yoga she has studied to create a truly balanced class that can be tailored to each student.

Though each student and teacher has offered her insights into the practice, her main source of inspiration comes from Annie Carpenter, Margo Kellison-Lightburn and Sara Strother. Aside from yoga, Diana rides her bike everywhere, marathons good sci-fi, is constantly trying to get out into nature and is known to read for hours at her favorite coffee shops. Diana teaches yoga but will always consider herself a student of life first. She has a master's degree in Urban Planning and Community Development and for all the plans she's created, she loves the spontaneous plot twists of life. To learn more about Diana and her teaching schedule, please visit her website at www.dianamay.com. Photo credit - Robert Donald Photography (www.donaldart.com).

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