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Titibasana (Firefly Pose) Tutorial with Laura Burkhart

Yoga Class Description

This short online yoga series with Laura Burkhart, filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes, provides you with a warm-up and prep poses for Titibasana, otherwise known as Firefly pose. With regular practice with this series, you will come closer and closer to the full expression of this pose. This video is great for intermediate to advanced students. Have two blocks available. Please check out Laura's full-length class called Smooth Journey to Titibasana on YogaVibes: http://www.yogavibes.com/store/paid-classes/product/online-vinyasa-yoga-class-bhujapidasana-titibasana/. (22 mins.)
Level: 2  

Suggested Yoga Props

two blocks

Laura Burkhart

Laura Burkhart is the founder of Yoga Reach International and a widely celebrated yoga teacher. She instructs at some of the most popular yoga studios in San Francisco, including Yoga Tree. She’s passionate about continuing to develop Yoga Reach International, which specializes in yoga travel-adventures, classes and workshops with a philanthropic intention: to support the communities that it touches through hands-on projects and donations. Laura’s smooth and rhythmic flow style yoga videos are creative, intelligently sequenced and challenging. Her teachers, Shiva Rea and Jason Crandell, have strongly influenced her intuitive, free-flowing and eclectic way of teaching. Areas of focus on YogaVibes: Yoga for Beginners, Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga, Arm Balances and Inversions. For more on Laura: www.LauraBurkhartYoga.com.

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