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Learn Half Locust Pose

Yoga Class Description

Vinyasa Flow teacher Danielle Vardakas-Duszko demos Half Locust or Ardha Shalabhasana - one of the best yoga poses for strengthening the core body and lower back muscles.
Level: Intermediate  

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Danielle Vardakas-Duszko

Danielle Vardakas-Duszko’s professional dance career eventually led her to yoga - a practice that she found created more balance in her body and mind. She’s now completed over 2500 hours of teacher training programs around the world and received an 800-hour Advanced Teacher certification with Dharma Yoga. Currently, Danielle directs the Honest Yoga Center in South Burlington. Her Vinyasa style teachings combine principles of alignment with powerful flows and blissful vibes. She themes each flow so her students can evolve, both spiritually and physically.

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