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Universal Yoga: How to Do Eka Bhuja Padmasana

Yoga Class Description

In this free online yoga video, Andrey Lappa teaches you how to do Lotus Pose for the shoulder! He guides you through all alignment do's and don'ts of this unique arm asana, Eka Bhuja Padmasana, featured in every Universal Yoga class.
Level: Intermediate  

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Andrey Lappa

Andrey Lappa is a long-time yoga practitioner and teacher. His studies culminated in what he calls Universal Yoga®, a method of practice which merges essential rules and principles of authentic, ancient yogic science with a system of internal techniques, complemented by unusual asanas and vinyasas specifically aimed to target the spiritual development of the individual. For more on Andrey and Universal Yoga®: www.universal-yoga.com

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