Length: 9 mins.
Difficulty: Beginner

The diaphragm is arguably your most important muscle because it is your breathing muscle. Like other muscles, it can be tight and/or weak. This simple yoga practice will help strengthen your diaphragm and release the pull it may be having on the structures and muscles around it. Deeper breath induces the relaxation response and oxygenates and nourishes your whole body. Enjoy this online yoga video with Stacey Rosenberg at Yoga Tree Hayes. Have a sand bag or bag of rice available.

Stacey Rosenberg

Stacey is an enthusiastic educator. She is passionate about empowering her students with transformational yoga tools to live vibrant and healthy lives. Stacey combines the science of functional movement, strength building exercises, and self-care techniques with the spiritual traditions of yoga to help you find more ease both on the mat and in your everyday activities. In her yoga videos Stacy offers clear and concise alignment cues as well as modifications and variations so that a student of any level can practice comfortably and confidently.

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