Kate Duyn

Yogini, teacher, trainee and mentor, Kate Duyn has dedicated over 15 years to her practice and profession. Since relocating to LA in 2009, she has taught at over ten different studios and gyms in the area and led 200 Hour Teacher Trainings for Pure Yoga at Equinox, Goda Yoga, and Yogis Anonymous with Ally Hamilton. Kate founded Light on Lotus to offer up an alternative approach to the predominant styles of yoga found in Southern, CA. She leads annual Teacher Trainings, specialized workshops, retreats, and has been streaming online since 2010. Her classes are known for their creative but intelligent sequencing, free flow acro-athleticism and soulfulness. She has a knack for guiding students to new depths while maintaining a sense of humor. Kate seamlessly weaves yoga philosophy, mantra, pranayama, meditation and movement into a rich and heartfelt experience in which she sets out to circulate as much joy through the body as possible. She bows deeply to the great lineage of teachers that have come before her on this path and to Laughing Lotus co-founders Dana Trixie Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she has lived and taught in New York, San Francisco, and currently resides in Mar Vista in LA, CA.

Study with Kate Duyn

200hr Teacher Training with Kate Duyn & Emilie Perez

Join Kate for her annual 200-HR vinyasa yoga certification training emphasizing creative & intelligent sequencing, the chakra system, philosophy, mythology & mantra. Study with Lotus Flow senior teacher Kate Duyn & Yoga Medicine senior teacher Emilie Perz.

Sept. 7th - Dec. 16th, 2018 More Information

Fly Arts: A 30hr Inversion Immersion for Yoga Teachers

This advanced training is designed for both teachers and practitioners who want to enhance, explore and experiment with the practice of arm-balances and inversions. We will share with you the tools to give you a smart, sustainable, and fun perspective on flying: alignment, anatomy, sequencing, partnering, and more! Join us to flip your perspective and face your fears, allowing your practice to soar to new heights.

October 4th, 2018 - October 7, 2018 More Information

Kate Duyn

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