Alexandra DeSiato

Alexandra DeSiato (E-RYT 500) has been teaching movement classes since 2010. Drawn to Pilates and Yoga to heal a running injury, she quickly found that having a stronger core and more powerful glutes meant faster, easier running—and fewer injuries overall. While her Yoga practice began as a way to heal physically, over time it became much more, and she started to appreciate the way yoga changed her attitude, spirit, and heart. Feeling her body change with age and with becoming a mom shifted Alexandra’s yoga focus to two primary areas: yoga for healthy aging and yoga for women seeking strength-building and re-connection postpartum. She partners with her mentor, Sage Rountree, on the former, and together they blog at and have a book, Lifelong Yoga, published by North Atlantic Books. On the latter, she has co-created Whole Mama Yoga ( with Lauren Sacks. Whole Mama Yoga offers prenatal, postnatal, and mama-focused classes, and is a Yoga Alliance-certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program. She teaches Pilates, healthy aging classes, postnatal workshops and more at Carrboro Yoga Company.

Alexandra DeSiato

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