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A person rests their head against a tree.

Incorporating Self Care & Mindfulness Into Your Yoga Practice

In uncertain and often challenging times, practicing self care can be an integral part of keeping our mental states afloat. Without taking the time to rest and decompress, it can be easy for anxiety and negativity to grab hold of us. Daily life and everyday tasks are harder to get through. We succumb to burnout […]

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How Creativity in Yoga Translates into Creativity in Life

Breathe into the pose.   Inhale, exhale.   Hold the pose until you really feel it.   Breathe.  Namaste.  We’ve all heard these phrases during yoga.  It can feel like an amazing expression of ourselves, showing up on the mat day after day to return to the same postures.  Today’s warrior one is not yesterday’s; nor will it […]

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Yoga For Aquarius Season

It’s Aquarius Season!  What does that mean for you and your practice? Aquarius season runs from January 21st – February 20th.  Aquarius tends to be original (sometimes even slightly eccentric!), open-minded, warm and courageous. Aquarius loves freedom and can be a bit rebellious! Does this sound like anyone you know (or perhaps yourself)? Aquarius is a fixed air sign. This energy asks us […]

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Restorative Reset with Sage Rountree

“Feel the shift.  The shift in your body.  The shift in your breath.  The shift in your spirit.” -Sage Rountree What is restorative yoga?  It is the practice of slowing down and letting go by coming into passive stretching.  It can be beneficial for people who deal with insomnia, stress and overwhelm, and can simply […]

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