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How to Bring Childlike Wonder to Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is by nature a simultaneously serious pursuit and a dreamy, childlike means of relaxing and strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. We could all benefit from tapping into the whimsical, impulsive energy of childhood as we navigate today’s demanding lifestyles. Many yoga poses are named in honor of animals and nature. By taking on […]

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How Creativity in Yoga Translates into Creativity in Life

Breathe into the pose.   Inhale, exhale.   Hold the pose until you really feel it.   Breathe.  Namaste.  We’ve all heard these phrases during yoga.  It can feel like an amazing expression of ourselves, showing up on the mat day after day to return to the same postures.  Today’s warrior one is not yesterday’s; nor will it […]

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Invoke Saraswati illustration

How to Invoke Saraswati in Your Yoga Practice

Goddess of music, art, speech, and knowledge, inventor of Sanskrit, eponym of an ancient river, and wife to not one but two famous god-husbands—this is Saraswati, from whom creativity flows like water.  This powerful goddess is mentioned throughout ancient texts and is celebrated today in festivals like the Saraswati Puja (first day of spring) and […]

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