A yogi sits in a seated twist on a grey mat. A twist is a perfect post for beginners.

5 Beginner Yoga Tips for Those Just Starting Out

Wanna know one of our favorite things about yoga? Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned yogi, there’s literally something for everyone. But, if you’re a beginner, diving head first into a new yoga practice can seem daunting. That’s why we’re here today to highlight a few of our favorite beginner yoga tips for […]

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Restorative Reset with Sage Rountree

“Feel the shift.  The shift in your body.  The shift in your breath.  The shift in your spirit.” -Sage Rountree What is restorative yoga?  It is the practice of slowing down and letting go by coming into passive stretching.  It can be beneficial for people who deal with insomnia, stress and overwhelm, and can simply […]

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Let us guide you through your practice….

Let’s kickstart your 2020 yoga practice! Check out our 5-10 day yoga experiences for extra guidance in your practice :  For the beginner yogi: Start your journey with Sarah Staniek’s Yoga 101 or Sarah Faircloth’s Foundation of Yoga experience. Both of these courses introduce you to poses commonly found in all levels yoga classes and will lay the groundwork for a lasting practice.  […]

Grow a (Yoga) Spine!

Is your spinal health something you give much thought? Most often, spinal health takes a back seat. We mind our spines only in the aftermath of something gone wrong. Let’s not, however, allow it to reach that point. Let’s, instead, take our spines to yoga. Yoga is a blessing to the spine. Supporting strength, flexibility, mobility, […]


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