A woman in a trench coat stands on a bed of fall leaves.

How to Support Yourself During Times of Change & Transition

For all of time, the season of autumn has been one of change and transition. Summer heat gives way to the cool fall breeze, and the leaves transform from vibrant green to shades more reminiscent of pumpkin and cinnamon. While nature always seems to embrace these changes, change in any of its forms can be challenging for us. Especially in turbulent times like these, it seems like change is unavoidable, and inescapable. 

Whatever kind of change you’re facing, whether it’s exciting, stressful, or a confusing mixture of both, there are a variety of ways your yoga and self-care practice can help you come out on top.

Incorporate words of affirmation into your daily routine

When you wake up, what’s the first thing you do? For many of us, it’s checking our phones. While it can feel good in the moment to instantly connect to whatever’s happening in the wider world around us, it’s not the best for our mental health. 

Instead of immediately grabbing for your phone, try starting your day with a mantra or words of affirmation. For example, “Today is going to be a good day”. The options are endless, but choose something that will be meaningful to you, and incorporate it throughout your daily routine. Then, in times of change or stress, you’ll immediately have something to lean on.

Practice mindfulness and guided meditation 

Along with words of affirmation, practicing mindfulness can be a powerful way to navigate seasons of change as well. By allowing yourself to turn your focus inward, you can confront any stress or tension holding you down directly, which may help you embrace – rather than avoid – the change you’re experiencing.

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Allow yourself to embrace your emotions

During any kind of change, it’s important that we let ourselves fully experience whatever emotions come to the surface. We often try to hide anger, sadness, and fear because of their negative associations, but it can be harmful to bottle those feelings away. 

Instead, embrace your emotions – they’re there for a reason. Acknowledge them, accept them, and then release them. If you can talk through these emotions with a trusted friend or loved one as well, that’s even better! 

Go at your own pace

Finally, give yourself time. This is your own journey, and you’re on no one’s schedule. Don’t feel pressured to move on too quickly if you don’t feel like it. Give yourself the time and space you need to process whatever you’re experiencing, and only move on when you feel 100% ready. 

Everyday, it feels like our world is changing in big and small ways. By learning how to lean into that change, we can make sure it doesn’t weigh us down.

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