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5 Powerhouse Foods to Start Incorporating Into Your Diet

Here at YogaVibes, we’re passionate about helping our subscribers explore health and wellness in a holistic way. We understand that, at the end of the day, having a yoga or mindfulness practice is just one part of creating a wider wellness routine for your mind, body, and spirit. Of course, one of the most powerful ways you can bring more balance to your overall well-being is by eating healthy foods. 

Some of our favorite heart healthy foods can be incorporated into a balanced, plant-based diet. To keep things simple, we based our healthy picks on three criteria: affordability, accessibility, and how easy they are to cook/bake with. Now that that’s all covered, let’s dive into our top plant-based diet picks!


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1. Oatmeal

One of the easiest ways to start eating healthy foods is to work on transforming your everyday breakfasts first. Oatmeal is a great heart healthy breakfast pick and is a staple when it comes to a plant-based diet. 
Thanks to its soluble fiber, oatmeal can help reduce cholesterol, which can in turn reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Along with being a complex carbohydrate that helps you retain energy for longer periods, oatmeal is a great source of folate and potassium. 


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If you’re bored with run-of-the-mill oatmeal, try baking oatmeal breakfast bars or making homemade granola

2. Avocado

Avocados may have gotten a bad rep over the past few years for being stereotypical, but there’s a reason they’ve skyrocketed in popularity. Not only are they delicious – each one is full of healthy (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fats. Thanks to these healthy fats, you’ll be able to stay fuller for longer.

They’re also a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B vitamins. Don’t just enjoy them on a piece of toast – get creative by adding them to salads, tacos, and even baked goods like brownies

3. Berries

Everyone’s got their favorite berry (mine are strawberries!) that they could just snack on forever. Thankfully they’re all super healthy and rich with important vitamins and minerals, making them a great addition to a balanced, plant-based diet. 


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From blueberries, to blackberries, raspberries, cranberries and more, berries are super easy to find at the supermarket (or farmers market!), and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Pop a handful into a bowl for a refreshing midday snack, or add them into salads or baked goods for some natural sweetness. 

4. Chickpeas

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you probably already know just how special these little beans are. Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans as they’re also called, are a plant-based diet lover’s delight.


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Chock full of protein and complex carbs, chickpeas make a great, affordable meat replacement for a variety of meals. They’re great in salads, curries, and of course, blended into hummus. Or, try roasting them in the oven for a crispy snack! 

5. Leafy greens

As far as powerhouse foods go, dark leafy greens like kale, arugula, and spinach are some of the most heart healthy foods you can incorporate into your plant-based diet. In fact, a recent study discovered that, among participants who ate leafy greens for 6 weeks showed a significant reduction in cardiovascular risk factors. 

Enjoy them in salads and sandwiches, or add a handful to smoothies to pack even more nutrition inside. 


When it comes to creating a more balanced lifestyle, eating healthy foods ranks high on our list of positive things you can do. And while a 100% plant-based diet may not be the right move for everyone, it can be a great way to incorporate more heart healthy foods into your daily routine. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, unmotivated, or off-kilter, eating healthy foods can help you restore a more positive sense of balance in your life, and give you more energy to pursue the items on your to-do list (like that new Ayurveda class you’ve been meaning to take).

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