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Teacher: Shala Worsley
Style: Slow Flow
Length: 86 mins.
Difficulty: Level 2

Move your spine in all directions, throw off stress, and wring out tension in this gently-paced Vinyasa class. As you flow through Shala's powerful mix of asana and pranayama, you'll burn away the unwanted layers built throughout your day and emerge calm and vibrant. This class includes backbends, hip openers, shoulder openers, inversions, and pranayama, and blends the heat building properties of vinyasa with the deep tissue release found in Yin. You may wish to have a block and blanket for this practice. Music provided by Shaman's Dream.

Shala Worsley

In her classes, Shala Worsley draws on the alignment traditions of Iyengar, the flowing aspects of Ashtanga and Vinyasa, as well as therapeutic yoga, Yin yoga, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy. She's passionate about practicing yoga in nature and exploring our innate connection to the Earth and the cosmos. Shala is the director of her own Asheville School of Massage and Yoga and teaches at the Asheville Yoga Center.

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No Title Review by Andrea L
This is a pretty good class, I found the constant reminders to think about earth and sky with the breath, as well as the reminders to not waste energy thinking about and anticipating the future helpful in thinking about the grounding my movements though their full expression. One other aspect I really enjoyed were the pranayama breaths that is throughout the class is a lot of fun and really helps you push though so of the more intense sequences.Erica is right and I was thankful for her review because this is pretty intense vinyasa flow class. One thing about this class that I found a little disheartening after such a spiritual class was there is no introduction, nor any real conclusion. The class starts in the middle of their breathing practice and once she gets you to roll over after savasana the video ends. No namaste. (Posted on 7/20/2015)
No Title Review by Erica S
This is a great class. I love the level of relaxation, stretching, the amount she talks, the somewhat different flow than what I'm used to. Really stretches out the whole body. HOWEVER! It was listed under the "yin" yoga category and that's what I was aiming for when I picked it, so I kept waiting for those long holds that never came. This is NOT a yin class! It is a vinyasa flow class. Yoga vibes should re-classify. (Posted on 4/2/2015)

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