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Style: Anusara
Length: 92 mins.

Learn the story of Bhima deep in the forest (Mahabharata), who was so deep in self pity, self concern, and his own needs that he was unable to see what was around him. It took an intervention from our favourite monkey god for him to see the wood from the trees in his “forest”. He was reminded by Hanuman to reflect with honesty, develop compassion for others and his surroundings, and to find courage and steadfastness on this new path. Dig deep and do the work using the Anusara principles of alignment, inner and outer spiral, as you work towards peak poses of Hanumanasana & vasisthasana. Class begins with Nadi Shodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) and culminates in brief meditation and savasana.
Filmed during Samavesha 2020.

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