An offshoot of Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Flow teachers use creative sequencing to facilitate the sensation of a moving meditation. Vinyasa Flow classes focus on joining breath and movement, building strength, toning, and calming your mind - with a playful spirit.

Vinyasa Flow

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  1. Funky Fun Flow

    Have fun with creative arm balances, inversions, and transitions in this funky flow with Missy White! This level 3 practice can be done as the 5th day in Missy's Funk-ify Your Flow series or as a stand alone practice for those days when you just want to have some fun!
  2. Funky Flow to the Core

    Want to know what's at the center of all of Missy White's funky poses and transitions -- that's right, the core! This funky flow vinyasa class strengthens your core through supine core work, funky variations on traditional standing poses and multiple back body strengthening sequences.
  3. Funky Flow and Float

    Float your way into handstand in this level 3 funky flow class with Missy White! True to Missy's signature style, this fun{ky} vinyasa practice will have you on your hands experimenting with variations on handstand, forearm stand and an assortment of other arm balances. Please have two blocks for this practice.
  4. Funky Flow and Fly

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    Find flight in this level 3 vinyasa flow class with Missy White. This challenging vinyasa flow explores many ways to enter flying splits (eka pada koundinyasana)—expect to work every major muscle group along the way!
  5. Funky Flow to Crow

    Join Missy White for a funky flow that's all about—you guessed it—crow pose! This challenging, level 3 vinyasa practice will work your whole body and push you out of your comfort zone as you fly through an assortment of interesting crow variations.
  6. Sixth Chakra Flow

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    Practice expanding your perspective, removing creative blockages and navigating through life's obstacles with peace in Sixth Chakra Kat Schamens. This challenging vinyasa flow class leads up to headstand variations to help activate your sixth chakra. Optional: To enhance your practice, use frankincense, sandalwood, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, + juniper berry.
  7. Fourth Chakra Flow

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    Tap into your passionate truth as you open your heart in this energetic fourth chakra flow. This practice is ideal for the morning or afternoon as it's packed full of enlivening backbends such as full dancer, pincha mayurasana and scorpion pose. Please have a strap, two blocks and a blanket for this practice.
  8. Third Chakra Flow

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    Unlock your infinite potential + tune into your power of the third, manipura, chakra in this Vinyasa flow with Kat Schamens. Packed full of twists, core work and arm balances this practice will ignite your inner fire to allow you to glow from the inside out. Please have two blocks available for this practice.
  9. Second Chakra Flow

    Juice up your hips with this fluid flow for the second chakra with Kat Schamens. This fun, challenging flow is sequenced to unlock deep places within your hips and create space to access advanced hip openers, such as compass pose and yogi dandasana. Please have two blocks and a strap available.
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