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Teacher: Ai Kubo
Length: 17 mins.
Difficulty: Level 1

Are you stuck at the office and have no time to go to a yoga class? Feeling sleepy during work and want an energy boost? Close your office door and sneak in this online yoga sequence during your work day instead of reaching out for another shot of espresso! Mostly seated on your chair, you'll stretch shoulders, neck, hips and legs. It'll help you to carry through the rest of your day! Also great for those with tight hips or injuries and have a difficult time sitting on the ground. For some poses, if your chair doesn't work, please feel free to use the wall or desk/table. Filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes. (17 mins.)

Ai Kubo

Ai Kubo is a wellness coach, scientist and mother with extensive training and teaching experience in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Forrest and Anusara yoga. Inspiring busy people to find balance, improve wellness, and unveil their fullest potential are motivating forces for Ai. Her quick, yet thorough alignment based Vinyasa Yoga classes online are carefully sequenced and abundantly rich with clear instruction and modification. Students leave Ai 8217 s powerful practices feeling calm, clear and centered. Areas of focus on YogaVibes Yoga for Beginners, Office Yoga and Advanced Yoga. For more on Ai ...

Yoga Tree

Take yoga classes from the San Francisco Bay Area's premier yoga instructors. Filmed live at Yoga Tree in San Francisco, enjoy a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin and Forrest Yoga. Teachers featured include Brenna Geehan, Laura Burkhart, Jason Bowman, Darcy Lyon, Stacey Rosenberg, Ai Kubo, and Dana Damara.

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