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Teacher: Chrys Kub
Length: 47 mins.
Difficulty: All Levels

Join Chrys Kub for a yoga sequence that combines therapeutic yoga techniques with flow yoga to release holding patterns in the fascia. This class will focus on areas of the body where dense fascia can limit ease of movement and range of motion. (Text-neck, anyone?) Start by using effective and efficient therapeutic yoga techniques to bring mobility from the ankles all the way up the spine in a supine sequence. Then move through front body and hip openers in a standing sequence incorporating lunges, squats, and warrior 2. Blissfully wrap your practice up with a reclined hamstring stretch and legs up the wall. Please have two blocks and a blanket.

Chrys Kub

Chrys Kub is a certified yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapy and an integrative physical therapist. In 2000, she began her journey with yoga and began to integrate therapeutic techniques within her practice and teaching. Chrys' signature style, FitYogaTherapy, provides an experience which brings together asana, breath and therapeutic tools to persons who are fit as well as those who are healing injuries.

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