Olynda Smith

Olynda Smith is a writer, a yogini, an early childhood guide and a mama. She began her yoga journey 15 years ago as a way to heal from the wear and tear from years of dancing and capoeira. She found physical healing for those injuries, and a beautiful path that supports deep healing and growth on so many levels. She fell in love with the practice and began teaching in 2002. Committed to learn the best teaching skills possible, by 2011 she had earned two of the highest certifications in the field: Anusara Certification and an Experienced 500-hour Yoga Alliance Certification. With nearly 15 years of yoga teaching experience, Olynda is a very versatile teacher and is able to guide new yoga students as well as inspire and challenge students who have been practicing for many years. She is very able to work with students who are working through injuries, having logged many hours of therapeutic yoga training. In every class she brings the philosophy and spiritual teachings of yoga to life in a grounded and usable way. Alongside her study of yoga, Olynda has also been studying the fine art of being with children. She has taught nearly every age group, and in many different settings. She spent 7 years teaching in the Montessori environment and is a certified Montessori Early Childhood teacher (ages 2.5 – 6). Several of her articles about spirituality, yoga and work with children have appeared in Montessori Life Magazine.

Olynda Smith

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