Nick Gonnering

Musician and Sound Healer, Nick Gonnering has been exploring the sonic universe for nearly 20 years. His original form as a folk storyteller has evolved over the years as he has followed his calling through a deeply immersive yogic journey. Originally writing dark blues songs and playing in bars, he has transformed his mind, body, and life to focus on more noble pursuits through his 12-year journey with yoga. Studying the works of B.K.S Iyengar, Vivekananda, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Swami Muktananda helped to open his views of what is absolute and find his true nature, slowly unfolding his path into who he is now. Now, Nick has transformed the context of which he writes to one that is actively pursuing growth, purpose, and compassion. His new work focuses on transformation and rising above the churning ocean waters of everyday existence.

After many years of yogic practice, Nick was introduced to the concepts of Cymatics and Sound Healing and Immediately felt called to incorporate these principles
into his own music. Developing what he calls the “Buddha Board”- an electronically based instrument board that he uses to realign the human body’s vibrations. Using deep bass frequencies and traditional Indian healing instrument samples, he creates a sonic realm that can facilitate the realignment of the human body during yoga practice. Creating continuous musical soundscapes to help practitioners stay in the flow of theirpractice and subconsciously heal their bodies through sound while they practice.

Nick’s passion for music and the healing arts continue to merge, and he is on a constant search to find new ways to incorporate what he has learned into his writing process and teach other musicians along the way. In 2018 he developed “Music As A Mantra” a songwriting class to bring the ideas of sound healing and mantra work to musicians in his local area. Using the concept that songs are the mantras of your musical career, and life he teaches artists to be more mindful of the energy that they are infusing into their work so they too can help to raise the vibration of their performance, songwriting, crowds, and classes

Nick Gonnering

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