Laura Burkhart

Laura Burkhart is a 500 E-RYT San Francisco based yoga teacher who leads workshops, retreats and presents at festivals around the world. She is a mentor for teachers and co-founder of “Yoga Business Secrets,” a course that helps yoga teachers build successful public and online teaching careers! Her creative and intelligently sequenced classes are invigorating, with a smooth and rhythmic flow. She is conscientious about catering to different levels and ability, ensuring that all her students feel welcome and comfortable. Laura is known for her warmth, fluidity, precision, smart sequencing, and her talent for tailoring music to create a specific cadence and theme for each class. Her extensive studies under primary mentor Jason Crandell, from whom she has learned the art of smart sequencing and attention to detail, and Shiva Rea, where she honed her fluid style, have forged an intuitive, well-rounded, eclectic instruction style. Most recently Laura graced the covers and wrote the feature articles for both Yoga Journal Singapore and Yoga Journal Italy, in addition to writing the home practice article and spotlight article for Yoga Journal USA and Yoga Journal Australia. Laura has presented at the Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust 108 San Francisco, Bali Spirit Festival, Yoga Festival Milan, Yoga For Hope and Yoga Rocks the Park and has contributed to online blogs and articles for SELF Magazine, Greatist, Refinery 29 and Yoga Tree and Yoga Works. For more on Laura

Laura Burkhart

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