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Teacher: Joan Hyman
Length: 61 mins.
Difficulty: Level 3

Nat refers to dance, and raja is the word for lord, or king. Nataraja is Shiva, Lord of Dance, symbolizing the cosmic dance of creation. Natarajasana (King Dancer Pose) is a standing backbend that builds focus and confidence—opening the front of the body while strengthening the standing leg and engaging the abdominals. Joan breaks down each component necessary to enter the full pose. This is an energizing practice, including handstand variations and twists that will leave you feeling grounded and open. Enjoy the dance within! Have a strap available.

Joan Hyman

Joan Hyman’s grounded teaching style seamlessly supports her students as they emerge from their practice with the rich and bright energy that yoga has to offer. Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the combined studies of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga as well as Ayurveda and meditation. An authentic modern-day yogi, Joan's love and devotion show up in her practice and throughout her teaching, you will leave her class feeling transformed and deeply aligned. ...

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No Title Review by Joanne C
Great class with great instruction! (Posted on 3/20/2015)
No Title Review by Denise L
I'm a big fan of King Dancer's Pose so that is why I chose this class. Omg I just did it for the first time and it is FABULOUS!!! Amazing, different flow and I feel like my knowledge of natarajasana is so much greater now :-) (Posted on 7/14/2014)
No Title Review by Alexandra R
There are so many great options on yoga vibes, but I will always keep coming back to Joan's classes. Her explanations are top-notch :) (Posted on 6/17/2014)
No Title Review by Valentine C
Great flow and very hopeful I 'll do the handstand one day!! (Posted on 5/31/2014)
No Title Review by Tory P
I have just discovered you as a teacher -brilliant ! (Posted on 5/15/2014)
No Title Review by Anna K
This is an incredible class: very energizing, strengthening, and encouraging. I'm still working on inversions and this class definitely helped me to be cognitive of my postures and to build confidence. Thanks Joan! (Posted on 4/7/2014)
No Title Review by Anisa A
Amazing class Joan! Enjoyed every breath of it !! (Posted on 3/18/2014)
No Title Review by Emilia S
Yoga perfection! This is a well structured class; challenging yet with very clear instructions that makes the class flow perfectly! Loved it! Thanks, Joan! (Posted on 3/18/2014)

8 Item(s)

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