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Tantra philosophy is grounded in several key points. One such understanding is that numerous divine powers inherent in the freedom of absolute Consciousness find human expression in the dynamics of our own particular inner states, but that they are obscured and hidden by various limiting and entrapping forces. We move closer to inner freedom to the degree that we attune our awareness to those divine forces within us and then align ourselves with them through yogic practices. Accordingly, Tantra philosophy can inform us as we turn toward, cultivate and refine that awareness in the context of our own particular lives as yogīs and yoginis. In these four sessions, Bill will speak with us about these aspects of Tantra philosophy and lead us in discussing them together. To help us do so, we will focus our conversations on just a few short yet deeply rich teachings from a 10th-century text from Kashmir Shaivism, namely, the Pratyabhijña-Hridaya or Heart of Recognition. As we do so, we will also refer to teachings from other, longer nondual Tantric texts such as the important Shiva Sutras. These sessions will be of interest to those who are interested in learning and exploring core elements of nondual Tantra philosophy and practice.

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