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Teacher: Gail Corvette
Style: Anusara
Length: 34 mins.
Difficulty: Level 1

Our thoughts can wreak havoc on our peacefulness! In this practice with Gail Corvette, learn the ancient yoga philosophy of the malas, which are limiting thought patterns that make us forget who we truly are. This practice focuses on side-bending and heart-opening through an exploration of gate and camel pose. As you move through the practice, you will identify the restrictive stress patterns in your own life, and learn how to change the thoughts that keep those patterns on repeat. Open your heart, observe, and see yourself more clearly.

Gail Corvette

Gail's students say her classes are nourishing, positive, playful and intelligently paced. Yoga has led Gail on amazing journey from her head to her heart. She was drawn to her teacher Jackie Prete in the mid-90s for her precise alignment cues but soon learned of yoga's teachings in Jackie's classes, her two Anusara immersions and 200-hour teacher training. Gail taught yoga in New York and Hong Kong before following her heart and retiring to her husband David's hometown of Charleston after a 25-year career in human resources consulting. 

 She is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher and ...

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