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Teacher: Jenni Tarma
Length: 27 mins.

Didn't know that your hips had 4 corners? Neither did we! Join Jenni Tarma for a myofascial release class that focuses on releasing tension and increasing mobility in the four corners of the hips. As a bonus, you'll learn about the anatomy of your hips and be able to locate the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, piriformis, TFL, and IT Band by the end! Myofascial release is a simple (and pleasant!) way to maintain tissue hydration and mobility, and is perfect on a rest day or post-exercise. Please have two self massage balls (tennis balls work just fine) and a block for this practice. Closed captions are available for this class.

Jenni Tarma

Jenni is a ERYT500 yoga instructor, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, a CrossFit L1 trainer, and a RRCA Endurance coach. She leads a moderately paced but vigorous class with unusual flows, fun transitions and plenty of strengthening work. An anatomy and movement enthusiast, Jenni's classes present alignment as a fluid concept and encourage students to explore and find their own strength within a flexible framework. Expect a well-rounded practice, accessible to everyone, with opportunities to either challenge yourself further, or keep things more mellow. Jenni is also the creator of ...

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