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Focus: Beginner
Length: 33 mins.
Difficulty: Level 1

Find your foundation in the third class of Sarah Faircloth's Foundations of Yoga series. This class explores the concept of creating a strong foundation through poses such as warrior 1, warrior 2, wide-legged forward fold, and seated head-to-knee. In yoga, what we consider our foundation often changes from pose to pose; our feet, hands, head, forearms, front and back body can all be considered foundation. Sarah will give you the alignment framework necessary to ground and expand safely. As with each class in this series, you will learn a physical principal of yoga asana that can be applied to your daily life — perfect for the beginner yogi or any practitioner looking to revisit the foundation of foundation. Please have two blocks and a strap.

Sarah Faircloth

Sarah Faircloth teaches yoga workshops, trainings and retreats, and is honored to serve students and teachers in expanding their practice and understanding of yoga. She was certified in Anusara yoga in 2003 and has taught yoga for over a decade. She taught at Anusara Yoga's First Grand Gathering in 2008 and the Grand Circle at Wanderlust Vermont in 2011. Yoga Philosophy is a great passion and foundation of Sarah's teaching, and she continues to study actively with Douglas Brooks and Bill Mahony. Sarah was introduced to yoga and Eastern philosophy as a child by her father, and began developing ...

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