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Length: 10 mins.
Difficulty: Level 2

Do you get frustrated when the teacher calls crow pose (bakasana) and it seems like everyone magically floats into this impossible shape? If you are one of those people who hasn't yet figured it out, this class is for you! You'll make friends with a muscle superstar group (serratus anterior), learn how to power up your practice, and take flight! Even if you don't take flight (or if you already know how), this class will help you train the target muscle group and introduce a deceptively challenging vinyasa transition. Have fun! Closed captions are available for this class.

Grace Millsap

Grace Millsap is a lover of life, brain science geek, and passionate advocate for all forms of health, for all forms of people. Yoga found Grace, after years of body abuse from dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading; during a time of daily, almost chronic, pain. While physical well-being may have gotten Grace onto a mat for the first time, she kept coming back for the peace, clarity, and overall joy she gained from the practice. Although she has always been a teacher of sorts, she never dreamed she could call herself a “yoga teacher”, but after several serendipitous failed grad school ...

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