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Yoga classes that have a particular focus on asanas or poses for the arms. In many yoga classes there are a lot of poses for the legs, but these classes will include poses that you may not experience in a traditional yoga class and will be great for increasing strength and flexibility in the shoulders and arms!

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51 mins.
Level 2
Summer Flow for Circulation

Teacher: Heather Lilleston

Style: Vinyasa Yoga

Length: 51 mins.

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47 mins.
Level 2
Focused Flow Yoga Tone Up with Weights

Teacher: Sigrid Matthews

Style: Yoga with Weights

Length: 47 mins.

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20 mins.
Level 2
Booty, Abs & Arms

Teacher: Justin Michael Williams

Style: Vinyasa Yoga

Length: 20 mins.

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26 mins.
Level 1
Yoga for Shoulder Opening with Ashley Turner

Teacher: Ashley Turner

Style: Restorative Yoga

Length: 26 mins.

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65 mins.
Level 1
"Happy Joints" Yoga for Arthritis - Upper Body

Teacher: Kim McNeil

Style: Therapeutic

Length: 65 mins.

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