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Psalm Isadora

Psalm Isadora was initiated in India and asked to teach Tantra by her guru, Sri Amritananda. She brings the ancient science of kundalini energy to help modern people with their evolution physically, mentally and spiritually. When she began yoga, she had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and was taking medication. Yoga saved her life and she teaches yoga with passion and dedication to help people around the world transform into their highest potential. 

Psalm grew up on a born-again hippie commune in Northern California. From a young age, she had ecstatic experiences with the Spirit that did not fit in the dogma of the religion she was raised with. The mis-use of power in organized religion and personal abuse led her to leave the church and go on a search for personal truth with God. This search led her to study and teach yoga in America. As her thirst for knowledge grew, she traveled to India to study Tantra, where she experienced the balance of feminine divine energy that she found missing in her religious upbringing. She continued to travel in search of traditional teachers of mystical practices, living with a sufi teacher in Istanbul. The further she traveled, the more she realized she needed to heal herself. When she returned to America, she sought out ancestral healing in the Lakota sweat lodge. She found the bridge to the mystical lies through accepting the human experience, having her heart broken open for compassion and forgiveness. Committed to service as a path to spiritual awakening, she has started a non-profit to open a school for women living in rural villages in India to become yoga teachers in their communities. Learn more about her documentary film about yoga for women's empowerment in America and India by going to www.shaktithemovie.com.

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