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Lauren Sacks

When she was four, Lauren watched episodes of Sesame Street standing on her head. She didn't do another inversion until she graduated from college, but when she did, she found that they still had the same grounding effect. Lauren Sacks received her initial yoga certification in 2002 in Hawaii, through Kathy Elder, completed an Anusara-inspired teacher training with Todd Norian in 2006, and has participated in a variety of prenatal yoga teacher trainings. She has been actively teaching and practicing alignment-based yoga for the past 13 years and her classes are infused with humor, humility and the recognition of the needs of an individual student's and their personal yoga journeys. Yoga was integral to her wellbeing during her first and second pregnancies and, in addition to her love of regular yoga, she so enjoys sharing the joy and community that come from the practice with her prenatal classes. You can visit Lauren's website at www.laurensacksyoga.com.

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