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Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

Anusara yoga classes are based on a non-dual Tantric philosophy that an intrinsic energy of Oneness underlies everything and everyone. This energy is a 'goodness' without opposite, it is auspicious. Anusara yoga teachers are trained to look for this goodness first - in the poses, in our practices, our selves and in all of life's experience. This perspective is a shift from looking to 'fix or correct' the student, to a vision of service by enhancing and revealing more beauty and innate goodness that is the Supreme nature already present in the student. Anusara yoga teachers are committed to creating an uplifting and empowering experience for every student in class. They inspire lightheartedness and playfulness with a joyful creativity that is the nature of the Anusara yoga practice. Each class begins with an invocation or centering as a devotional recognition of the grace-bestowing universal power of Spirit within and around us. A key element in an Anusara class is a heart theme, a virtue. The theme is skillfully woven through the breath and postural instructions of the asana (poses), effectively creating the attitudinal expression of the poses from the 'inside out.' The heart quality cultivates the connection between the physical yoga poses and the greater spiritual purposes of yogic practices. A unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles call the "Universal Principals of Alignment®," is applied to each asana. Anusara yoga teachers are trained to integrate these alignment instructions with the attitudinal heart theme in artful and varying ways, offering students a new experience of yoga in every class. Movements and actions within every pose are coordinated with the breath. Postural alignments in each pose are checked in reference to the Universal Principles of Alignment and the teachers may use verbal cues and/or physical adjustments to help each student enhance their full form of the pose.


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