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Teacher: Grace Flowers
Length: 43 mins.
Difficulty: Level 2

Greet your day with this balanced good morning flow. Morning practices are a great time to tune in and listen deep. This is a spacious online yoga practice with an emphasis on breath and quality of attention. We will spend some time to warm up before diving into Sun Salutations (surya namaskar A), leading into a dancing warrior sequence for surya namaskar B. Balance transitions with tree pose (vrksasana) into eagle pose (garudasana) leading to utittha hasta padangusthasana. The wind down includes an active bridge pose (setu bandhasana) and a supported bridge pose with a block. A mini savasana at the end will help you glide into an easy rest. Take time for a longer savasana if you need it! Have two blocks available. (43 mins.)

Grace Flowers

Grace Wang Flowers is a devoted yoga instructor, student, and creator of Yoga for Change, OM Flow 174 and The OM Project. Warm and approachable, Grace is well known for her ability to guide students deeper into their bodies and into their consciousness through intentional language and adjustments. Her style is gentle, creative and balanced, focusing on healthy alignment, therapeutic instruction, and encouraged bouts of laughter. A powerful blend of movement and breath, her Vinyasa Yoga classes bring the body into its full of range of motion, while encouraging artistry, alignment, balance, ...

Exhale Mind Body Spa

Exhale’s award-winning series of yoga and barre classes challenge you physically and mentally every time you enter an exhale studio or practice online on YogaVibes. All of our yoga and Core Fusion classes are exclusive to exhale, and all work in tandem with one another to give you the most well-rounded, balancing fitness routine imaginable. Use YogaVibes to explore Core Fusion, the original barre class, developed to provide a safe yet challenging workout for fitness newbies and athletes alike. Mixing heart-rate-raising arm, ab, glute, and leg work with intervals of stretching and strengthening, the method makes for the perfect body altering experience. Then sample exhale’s yoga program, designed to build flexibility, endurance and strength for new and advanced yogis alike. Filmed out of the renowned exhale Venice Center for Sacred Movement, these videos blend meditation and breath with just the right amount of flow.

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No Title Review by Roxanne M
A nice soft soothing practice (Posted on 9/12/2015)
No Title Review by Anu L
Loved it, Grace's soothing voice makes it so amazing :) (Posted on 4/18/2015)
No Title Review by Jessica M
Excellent class to get back on the mat. If you're like me and the holidays and children home for break put a wrench in your practice, this class was perfect to get started again. Nice long holds, atypical flow and great breathing. Will definitely do this class again. (Posted on 1/4/2015)
No Title Review by janet m
Great morning practice with challenging poses, yet slower pacing which I prefer in the morning. I could do this practice at any time of day. Grace has a very gentle, soft-spoken manner. Hope to see more videos from her. (Posted on 10/12/2014)
No Title Review by Sofia L
That's a perfect morning practice for me. Not too long, not too short, active just enough you need it to be in the morning and lets you connect with your body. I'm not a morning person and would usually prefer an evening practice, but this class works great for me. Thanks Grace! (Posted on 9/30/2014)

5 Item(s)

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