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Teacher: Olynda Smith
Length: 27 mins.
Difficulty: Level 1

Newly pregnant? Me too, in this video anyway! I have been surprised at how tired I've been during this first trimester. This online yoga class is the very gentle sequence I developed during my first trimester to help keep my body limber and pain free without exhausting myself more. I found when I did this little routine in the morning it really helped keep my energy up all day. It helped work out the kins from so much time sleeping and game me some time to center myself. It is done nearly all on the floor, and you'll likely want a strap, belt or tie to help with some of the poses as well as blocks, bolsters or blankets. Enjoy! (27 mins.)

Olynda Smith

Olynda Smith's fluid teaching style blends life affirming Tantric philosophy, precise physical alignment, and playfulness to encourage a deepening of self awareness, a deeper connection to the heart and an ability to move beyond perceived limitations. Olynda creates a nurturing and empowering space in which you are invited to discover and celebrate your strength, wisdom and beauty. After many years of studying dance and capoeira, Olynda came to yoga and fell in love! She is currently an Anusara Yoga certified teacher, with 9 years of yoga teaching experience. Olynda has over 750 hours of ...

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