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Teacher: Kat Schamens
Length: 33 mins.
Difficulty: Level 2

The fifth, Visuddha, chakra is located at the throat center and encourages one to speak from a place of truth. This twisty flow with Kat Schamens is all about the throat chakra and will release tension in the neck and shoulders while building towards chin stand and fallen angel. Please have two blocks available for this practice. Optional: to enhance your practice with essential oils use eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense, ylang ylang, sandalwood, rose, neroli, jasmine.

Kat Schamens

Considered to be a genuine sparkle spirit, finding herself here, there, + everywhere. Kat was born and raised as a southern gal in North Carolina, steeped deep in the electric field of Brooklyn/NYC for 7 years, and currently calling Berlin her homebase as she taps deeper into her German roots. Her passion for yoga was sparked when she was 12 years old as she heard it would improve her skills as a dancer, needless to say she never went professional but she can attest to the open hips helping her in any dance off that she happens to find herself in. Did someone say, drop down and do a split? ...

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