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Meet the Goddesses and Gods of the Hindu Pantheon: Ganesh, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kali, Shiva and Durga! Learn how to cultivate and embody their energies of Grounding, Creativity, Love, Power, Presence, and Courage. In this series Laura Amazzone, M.A. and Cristi Christensen have come together and created a unique offering of teachings, meditation, mantra practice, and a vinyasa yoga flow to introduce you to these Goddesses and Gods. At the beginning of each of these classes Laura offers a 20 minute teaching, meditation and mantra practice and explains the energies, tools and symbolism of these deities. Cristi then weaves these teachings into a 45-60 minute vinyasa flow practice designed so that practitioners can embody and experience the energies of these deities. You will learn how to harness their special powers and use their sacred tools in your daily life. Discover the real living presence of these divine energies within you and in everyone you know!

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