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  • YogaVibes Partners with Yoga Goddess Ashley Turner

    We are incredibly honored to partner with the lovely Ashley Turner - a yoga instructor, mind-body psychotherapist, author and Ordained Priestess.

    Gomukhasana with Eagle Arms Ashley Turner, Gomukhasana/Garudasana

    Elevating personal growth as a lifestyle, Ashley Turner, MA, MFT, is considered an innovator in the yoga industry, combining yoga, modern psychology, neuroscience and kick-ass spirituality. Known for her charisma, candor, and accessibility, Ashley’s online yoga classes elegantly weave together profound philosophy and practical life-changing guidance.

    "Yoga is a personal practice and what you need changes every day," says Ashley. "With online yoga classes, you can customize your workout to exactly what you want and need right now. Many people live in areas where quality yoga instruction or variety is just not available. I chose to work with YogaVibes because of their integrity, support and commitment to each teacher, as well as the community at large."

    We are so pleased to extend Ashley’s teachings to a larger audience of yogis. Her online yoga classes offer a vigorous, inspiring Vinyasa flow experience:

    • Invigorating Morning Flow (92 mins.) - Begin with a luxurious opening sequence of two invigorating kriyas to wake up the physical and pranic bodies and flush out any stagnation or lethargy from sleep. Then, dive into a strong, comprehensive standing sequence of twisting and balancing poses to wring out every corner of the body. Leave this online yoga practice feeling energized, cleansed, clear, and awake for the day ahead.
    • Power Hour Shoulder Opening Class (67 mins.) - Shoulder openers will lead to the peak pose of Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance) in this online yoga class. In this strong Vinyasa flow, learn to internally spiral both hemispheres of the body, collect your core power, and accurately align the shoulders in preparation for arm balances.
    • Power Hour: Build Charisma & Inhabit Your Full Potential (64 mins.) - Build charisma, awareness, and intuition in this online yoga video. This creative, expansive Vinyasa flow focuses on widening the physical and pranic bodies in every direction to strengthen your aura and extend your sphere of influence.

    To find additional online yoga offerings with Ashley Tuner, check out Ashley’s page on YogaVibes.


    To learn more about Ashley Turner, please visit her website at

  • YogaVibes Partners with Master Yoga Teacher Sri Dharma Mittra

    We are deeply honored to partner with legendary yoga teacher Sri Dharma Mittra.

    Cresent Lunge at Brooklyn Bridge Sri Dharma Mittra, Brooklyn Bridge

    As the founder of one of the earliest independent schools of yoga in New York City - the Dharma Yoga Center - Dharma Mittra has taught hundreds of thousands of students for nearly a half century. He continues to share the complete traditional science of yoga through daily classes, workshops, and his "Life of a Yogi" Teacher Certification programs at the Dharma Yoga New York Center and around the world.

    "If you have a little spiritual knowledge, you should share it with others. This is the highest expression of charity there is." ~Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra

    “We at the Dharma Yoga New York Center have decided to partner with YogaVibes in presenting the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra to honor the dictum quoted above,” says Adam Frei, Director of the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training Programs. “It is our sincere desire that those without access to yoga will now be able to access it wherever they are to help remove some of the darkness from their lives, the darkness that is ignorance. After researching the content providers currently online, we approached YogaVibes on the recommendation of a student of Sri Dharma Mittra's who had had a wonderful experience being filmed by them and having the filmed classes streamed by them. Our core mission at the DYNYC is to expose as many as possible to the expression of classical Eight-limbed yoga that is Dharma Yoga and we greatly appreciate this partnership with YogaVibes that is now going to help us reach that many more people, hopefully, for many years to come. You may not have the time or resources to come to New York or to wherever Sri Dharma Mittra or his certified teachers are teaching, but now Sri Dharma himself can come to you through streaming -- we thank YogaVibes for making this a reality.”

    We are delighted to make this a reality and offer a wealth of online yoga teachings with Sri Dharma Mittra:

    • Master Sadhana Practice (74 mins.) Quiet the turbulent mind so as to experience the peace, contentment and realization of the Divinity already present within you in this challenging, yet graceful and meditative posture series steeped in 50 years of Sri Dharma Mittra's experience of the classical tradition.
    • Yoga Nidra: Psychic Sleep Relaxation Method (45 mins.) Be guided into a state of deep relaxation where breathing and thoughts are slowed almost to the point of stopping, which can be as restorative as a full night's sleep.
    • Headstand Substitute (4 mins.) Learn ways to experience the benefits of headstand through modified versions without doing the full version in this free online yoga video.
    • Dharma Yoga Intro to Advanced Asana (11 mins.) In this free online yoga video, explore an introduction to Dharma Yoga Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa. This challenging and physically absorbing Vinyasa series was created by Sri Dharma Mittra to reintegrate the flow of prana throughout the spinal column and facilitate the movement of the vital life-force deep into all areas of the physical, metabolic, intuitive and bliss bodies.

    To find additional free online yoga offerings and full-length online yoga classes with Sri Dharma Mittra, visit Dharma Mittra’s page. Stay tuned for more yoga videos with Sri Dharma Mittra coming soon!


  • Yoga with Joan Hyman on YogaVibes

    Have you practiced yoga online with Joan Hyman yet? If not, get on it!

    Joan, a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher, is internationally recognized for her popular teacher trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. She has been teaching for over 20 years, beginning in her hometown of Philadelphia, where she earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science from Temple University. She discovered yoga in NYC where she pursued a career as a professional dancer. Her love for yoga took her out to Santa Monica, CA where she completed The YogaWorks Teacher Training with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford in 2002.

    Side Plank Variation

    As a dedicated ashtangi, she has traveled to India three times to study with the beloved Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and many other world renowned teachers. She also studies Ayurveda, meditation, vegetarian cooking, and travels the world like it's her backyard!

    YogaVibes is deeply honored to partner with Joan – an incredibly open, authentic spirit. Joan continues to grow in her teachings by following her heart's intention and opening herself up to experiences that help her evolve in her own life. Her teachings come from an organic and intuitive place.

    "I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and stay deeply connected to my yoga practice. This is truly an honor, which I hope I can pass onto others.”

    Joan's online yoga videos provide a yoga experience that is intelligent and light, infused with a strong level of intensity that stems from her years of focused study. Her online offerings include Vinyasa, Restorative, and Pranayama practices:

    • Twist & Cleanse (64 minutes) Joan’s phenomenal instruction will take you through deep twists, inversions, gentle backbends, and hip openers.
    • Wind Down with Shoulderstand (57 minutes) Enjoy shoulder openers and a long Shoulder Stand to deeply relax at the end of a busy day.
    • 15 Minute End of Day Pranayama and Restorative (15 minutes) Wind down at the end of your day with a light pranayama practice to soothe the nervous system and promote relaxation.
    • Short Vinyasa Flow (20 minutes) Move through the Sun Salutations before exploring longer-held poses, hip openers, and standing balances. End this comprehensive online yoga flow with backbends and forward bends.

    To enjoy more of Joan’s awesome online yoga offerings visit her page on YogaVibes. There, you will find her complete selection of full-length online yoga classes and free online yoga videos.


  • Gigi Yogini on Handstands with Humor

    Many of us experience fear and hesitancy when we first approach a Handstand (or any inversion) practice. Don't worry: Fear is natural. It's a part of the process. You can't, however, become paralyzed by it. If you want to master inversions, you must be willing to let go of your fear and just go for it. Also, it's helpful to lighten up - to practice with joy, playfulness, and humor.

    Gigi Yogini shares her insight on handstand practice and overcoming obstacles. Take her advice to make this challenging pose attainable and, most importantly, fun.

    Advanced Yoga Pose

    Just like most inversions, standing on your hands (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) is good for circulation, activates the lymphatic system, and can have a positive impact on mental functioning by increasing the flow of blood to the brain. Additionally, a Handstand is energizing and invigorating in addition to strengthening the shoulders and upper back. Plus it’s super fun.

    But it’s scary.

    Unless you’re a gymnast, going upside down might be a little intimidating. Especially if you’re a beginner. I remember when I thought this pose was impossible for me because of my big bottom. But I was wrong. I learned that in order to stand on my hands, in addition to needing strong arms and core, most importantly, I needed a good attitude.

    It’s natural to feel fear but you can’t let it stop you.

    In order get your legs overhead in Handstand, you not only need the the willingness to try, but you also need a sense of humor when when it doesn’t work. Because chances are you might not get it right the first time. Or the second. But give yourself a break. Practice near a wall. Try different methods. Then be willing to laugh at yourself if it doesn’t go perfectly. That’s half of the fun.

    In this video, Handstands with Humor, I help first timer, Tara, stand on her hands, which she had never done before. Together we laugh and stumble, learning from our mistakes. As a matter of fact, the tips in this video gave Tara the confidence she needed to continue practicing. Now, Handstand feels attainable for her. Hopefully after watching, you will feel the same way too.

    Join Gigi and first time Handstander, Tara, in this 47-minute online yoga class as they strengthen the core, lengthen the spine and stand on their hands with humor.

    Handstands with Humor

    Be willing to try new things. It's the only way you'll remove obstacles from your path and expand and enrich your practice (and life!).


  • Gigi Yogini on Hip Opening

    Happy, healthy hips translate to a happier, more healthy you. Why? What is the connection between the physical state of our hips and our overall emotional health?

    Image via Get a Zen Life

    Gigi Yogini explores a discussion on the hips below and sheds light on what a deep, hip awakening experience may bring about.

    Did you know that the hip joints are the single most important factor in retaining the body’s balance and posture? The hips are the primary point of connection between the lower body and the upper body, and the muscles in the hips are responsible for a variety of movements. Without proper attention, tight or misaligned hips can negatively affect different areas of the body without you even realizing it.

    Additionally, the hips are affiliated with the Second Chakra (Svadisthana) which is the energy wheel relating to sensuality, sexuality, creativity, emotional expression, intimacy and relationships. Tightness in our hips can occasionally reflect blocked energy in these areas of our lives.

    Hip opening, as a practice in yoga, can create physical and emotional freedom. Have you ever gotten teary eyed in a deep hip opener? I have. As a matter of fact, my first time taking a hip opening workshop I started to bawl. It was not a little sniffle but rather a full cry.

    We, especially as women, can hold A LOT of “stuff” in our hips without even realizing it. That’s why I created the class below. It’s a well-rounded class that opens the hips while connecting to the core center. Plus the movements are mostly dynamic so you can increase your heart rate, and get a good workout, in only 30 minutes.

    Remember: Emotions might come up. Allow yourself to have an experience without judging it.

    Lastly, if you feel like taking a longer Savasana, please do so. After opening the hips, especially if emotions arise, sometimes it’s nice to take an extended resting pose for 15 - 20 minutes with something, like a bolster or pillow, under your knees. Enjoy.

    Practice Gigi's Deep and Dynamic Hip Opening class to see what emotions arise for you. This cardiovascular hip opening sequence is a great online yoga class to practice at the end of the day before you settle into deep relaxation. In this online yoga video, you will open the hips and create heat in the body with conscious breath and movement. Strengthen your core, explore a dynamic down dog flow, and deeply release any tightness and tension stored in your hips in this 30-minute energetic sequence.

    Note what emotions come up for you, if any. If "stuff" surfaces, remain calm. Allow yourself to feel the "stuff" without shame or embarrassment. In feeling it, you will free it. Fully experience the release to create more openness in your physical body and more space in your emotional body for happiness and joy.


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