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  • Gigi Yogini on Grounding with Gratitude

    Balance Pose

    What does it mean to feel grounded?

    The term “grounded” is one of those colloquial terms that everyone seems to use in the yoga world these days. But what does it really mean?

    Well, when you look at a tall tree, do you ever consider how deep the roots run? The depth of the roots reflect how grounded the tree really is. It's the connection to the earth that allows a tree to grow tall and withstand harsh weather.

    Just like trees, people are more susceptible to physical instability when they aren't connected to the power in their hips and legs. Similarly, when we aren’t symbolically rooted in reality, we can get emotionally bulldozed by superficial challenges in life.

    So in order to stay balanced in life, we need a strong foundation to grow upon while staying connected to reality. For me, what keeps me grounded is an attitude of gratitude. When I think about all the blessings in my life, I realize that the challenges at hand don’t feel so overwhelming.

    In this video below, we explore tree pose in multiple forms. While we eventually move into extremely challenging variations, we start by opening our hips and strengthening our core center in order to feel a solid connection to our personal power and the earth.

    We also practice gratitude for the strength of our body, while continuing to detach from judgment about our limitations, as we try new variations of the pose. In order to achieve anything worthwhile in life, we must to be willing to try new things. But chances are, we might fail or fall sometimes, especially when we’re attempting something challenging for the first time.

    But that’s how we grow and learn. We try, we fail, we learn, and then hopefully, we try again. Luckily, if we can stay grounded, it will be easy to continue to grow.


    Ground with gratitude in Gigi Yogini's invigorating Strong Roots = Strong Tree Vinyasa practice. This online yoga class will activate your inner power through intention setting, core strengthening exercises, balancing postures, and a fun (yet challenging) Tree Pose flow. (67 mins.)

    Gigi Yogini Yoga Online


  • Weekend Intention: Try Something Fresh

    Hit a plateau in your practice? Feeling bored? Lookin’ to spice things up a bit? Up the ante? We just may have the thing for you. Listen up.

    We are very pleased to have recently partnered with Xen Strength Yoga Founder, Danielle Diamond.

    You might be wondering: What the heck is Xen Strength Yoga?

    Xen Strength is yoga with a little extra somethin’, somethin’. What kind of somethin'? Weights. Interesting, right? It’s definitely fresh. It’s definitely a kick in the butt.

    Xen Strength Yoga with Weights

    For over fifteen years, Danielle has been teaching this strong, unique Vinyasa flow that focuses on alignment and breath to open the body through a creative, transformational sequence. As a fusion of Vinyasa flow with light hand weights, Danielle’s Xen Strength Yoga program offers a modern twist on yoga. These action-packed classes are designed to boost confidence, provide a total-body workout, enhance strength and endurance, and support meaningful results, including a stronger yoga practice.

    Danielle has been described as one of a kind. Bobbi Brown, Founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, describes her uniqueness fittingly: 

    “She lights up a room and has great energy which is incredibly infectious. Her classes are terrific and her new technique incorporating weights with yoga is genius. She is the perfect combination of both tough and gentle.”

    Why YogaVibes?

    "I'm excited about this opportunity to partner with YogaVibes to share my Xen Strength Yoga with Weights classes online,” say Danielle. “I personally love to practice at home, and this is the perfect way to bring my method to students who don't live near a certified Xen Strength teacher."

    We are equally as excited to share Danielle’s special method and offer students around the world the ability to practice Xen Strength Yoga with Weights at home.

    Yoga with Weights

    To get a taste of this fresh style of yoga, check out Danielle’s newest online yoga video: Xen Strength Cardio Challenge.

    In this online yoga with weights class, be prepared to work hard and honor proper alignment. Incorporate light weights into a playful online Vinyasa yoga class to experience a cardio challenge that will sculpt, lengthen, and work every muscle group while burning lots of calories! Grab a pair of light weights (3-5 pounds) and get ready to sweat. (41 mins.)

    Cardio Challenge with Danielle Diamond Yoga

    We’ll be launching more Xen Strength Yoga videos with Danielle soon. Stay tuned!


    To learn more about Danielle, Xen Strength Yoga, her DVDs, and teacher trainings, please visit her website at

  • YogaVibes Partners with Power Yoga for Sports Visionary Gwen Lawrence

    We are incredibly excited to partner with Gwen Lawrence!

    Known as a visionary in the world of Power Yoga for Sports, Gwen Lawrence has worked with clients such as Alex Rodriguez, Amani Toomer, and Brian Cashman (to name a few). Additionally, she is the yoga instructor for 5 pro sports teams in New York, including the New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Red Bulls, and the New York Rangers, in addition to major college teams such as Yale and UNC. Legit.

    Half Moon with Bind

    With her unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with extensive knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, Gwen is able to provide her students and athletes with overwhelming, transformative benefits. As evidence, June ESPN Magazine featured her as the "Best Innovation in Sports Medicine."

    Why YogaVibes?

    "I chose to partner up with YogaVibes because when I saw what they were doing and how they were enabling Yogis to connect with teachers that they may never have the opportunity to connect with, I knew it was for me,” says Gwen. “As a Yoga teacher, you want to touch many peoples lives all over the world. Moreover, when I met the Founder, Brian, I then knew it was a home run. I immediately felt a part of his family and was super impressed by his integrity. That is so important to me to be associated with people and businesses that still take pride in what they do and how they connect with people. YogaVibes is that company, and I am honored to be a part of it."

    We are deeply honored to welcome Gwen to our growing family and offer her sports-specific yoga classes to a larger audience of yogis and athletes. Check out her latest online yoga videos, featuring 4 sports-specific flows:

    • Power Yoga for Sports – Soccer (36 mins.) In this online yoga class, Gwen will demonstrate techniques that she uses when teaching the NY Red Bulls. Learn to open the entire leg from the quadriceps and hamstrings to the ankles, calves, and toes. Due to the demands on the field, Gwen will provide ways to maintain a flexible and strong back that is able to rotate better, enabling you to see over your shoulder to protect the ball.
    • Power Yoga for Sports – Runners (28 mins.) This online yoga class offers all runners, from the avid runner to the weekend warrior, an amazing complement. Practice opening up the legs and holding stretches longer to really dig in and get faster results. Learn to detect and address imbalances before they lead to injury.
    • Power Yoga for Sports – Golf (32 mins.) In this online yoga class, Gwen will shed light on the techniques she uses when teaching LPGA players. Learn to keep your hips and back flexible and strong, increasing the power required to strike the ball. Gwen will address the importance of keeping a balanced, symmetrical body to maintain health. Work your shoulders and wrists to help perfect form.
    • Power Yoga for Sports - Football for Strength & Stability (22 mins.) Different from speed and agility positions, linemen are known for strength and stability. In this online yoga class, learn how to open the hips and find comfort in a deep squat. Address the shoulder joint to effectively absorb great force when blocking. In addition, Gwen will teach easy ways to protect the wrist joint, making it stronger, more flexible, and giving it greater power to push and also protect itself in the event of a fall on the field. Take advantage of all the same techniques Gwen uses when teaching the New York Giants!

    Gwen will also be offering more sports-specific yoga videos of varying lengths and themes, including classes for skiing, football (speed and agility), tennis, baseball, horseback riding, hockey, basketball, swimming, and more.

    Stay tuned!


    To learn more about Gwen, please visit her website at

    Photo Credit: Gwen Lawrence via

  • Gigi Yogini on Throat Chakra Healing

    Do you experience difficulty expressing yourself? Speaking your truth? Do you silently conduct negative, self-critical conversations with yourself about yourself? If you experience any of these communication drawbacks, you may be up against an imbalance, or blockage, of your throat chakra.

    Throat Chakra Opening

    Worry not. This is not an incurable condition. In fact, there are ways to heal a throat chakra imbalance through the physical practice of yoga.

    Gigi Yogini teaches that simple exercises combined with song can unblock this subtle energy center and unleash your ability to express yourself freely and genuinely:

    These days, it’s not often that you sing in a yoga class. But singing is a great way to open the fifth energy wheel in the body, the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), which is known as the purification center that relates to self-expression.

    It is said that when our throat chakra is open we can transform negative experiences into wisdom.

    Opening this energy wheel can bring about balance between the past, present and future. When we learn how to express ourselves by using our voices so say what is most true, and to ask questions when we need clarification, we create a sense of freedom.

    This chakra not only reflects verbal communication but also includes non-verbal communication and the way we silently speak to ourselves.

    Sometimes I hear how critical the negative mind can be and my observing mind is shocked. I often try to counterbalance the mean and insecure thoughts with a powerfully positive and uplifting mantra or statement. Using affirmations with my actual voice helps me overcome the limitations expressed by my subconscious one.

    While opening the throat chakra is often an energetic practice, it can also be aided physically.

    In the video below, we do some simple physical exercises to release any tension in the jaw, face, neck and we even sing a little song you might know and love. The point is to loosen up physically, and mentally, to have some fun.

    Speaking your truth takes practice and sometimes it’s easier when you can smile and laugh. This way you can remind yourself of who you really are.

    Practice Gigi Yogini's Throat Chakra Opener - a playful online yoga class exploring mantra and affirmative singing.

    Throat Chakra Opener with Gigi Yogini

    Smile, maybe laugh, and find balance in the way you communicate to the world and to yourself.


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  • Gigi Yogini on Restorative Yoga for Deep Relaxation

    Are you on sensory overload? Chronically stressed? Wigging out? If you’ve been feeling like a spazz lately, I recommend you hit your mat to dose up on some R&R immediately.

    Why is relaxation and restoration so essential?

    Reclincing Bound Angle

    Let’s turn it over to Gigi Yogini...

    Most of us are bombarded by stimuli these days. Whether it’s our phones buzzing, the influx of emails, sounds of traffic, or constant commercials, our nervous system is dealing with an incredible amount of input from the outside world.

    Do you ever notice how you rush to pick up the phone, even if you’re otherwise busy? Or how you jump in your seat when someone honks their horn? Perhaps your heart starts to race when you find yourself in an uncomfortable sales situation?

    These responses are natural. They reflect the functions of our body’s Sympathetic Nervous System.

    The general action of the SNS is to mobilize the body’s “fight or flight” response system. This increases blood pressure, breathing rate, and muscle blood flow through the body.

    When we are in this stress response state, our digestion is impaired and we start releasing hormones, which put the body into alert mode. It’s as if there’s a constant red light flashing inside, warning us to rescue ourselves from danger.

    The truth is, while certain stress can help us strengthen and grow in particular instances, one of the greatest threats against our health is chronic stress.

    When this high level of anxiety becomes regular, it can lead to hypertension, adult oneself of diabetes, immune suppression, osteoporosis, memory decline, and many other illnesses. Many of us don't realize how taxing our busy lifestyles can be.

    Luckily, we also have the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is responsible for the maintenance of the body when it’s at rest. Conscious Relaxation is the best way to counteract and reverse the physiological effects of stress in our lives.

    The PNS unconsciously regulates the internal organs and glands in what is often called the “rest and digest” system as opposed to “fight or flight.” The breathing rate slows down, alpha waves are generated, metabolism increases and muscular tension releases allowing the body to better use oxygen. Without needing to go to sleep, the nervous system calms down and the body begins to replenish and repair itself.

    So even if you love your cardiovascular classes and Vinyasa style yoga, trying to take a little time to practice Restorative Yoga. Especially if you lead a busy life with little time to relax, give yourself a chance to repair and restore. Either way, regardless of your lifestyle, everyone's body deserves an opportunity to restore in order to heal from, and prevent, stress and illness.

    Remedy your spazz-syndrome, recover from stress, and replenish your system with some Restorative Yoga online. Start with Gigi’s Restorative Yoga practice, appropriate for all levels. Settle into stillness to uncover deep relaxation.

    Gigi Yogini Yoga ~TJ

    Photo Credit: Restore via Sabriya Simon Photography 

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