The Origin of YogaVibes

Here’s the first question that dropped into my consciousness in preparation for a talk with Brian Ratté, YogaVibes’ Founder and Vision Keeper: How does a guy in corporate executive sales and sales management for companies like Oracle and IBM come into yoga? My follow up inquiry: What the heck initiated that shift? And finally: What series of experiences merged to give rise to YogaVibes?

Well, like life itself, the story of YogaVibes isn’t so linear. The story is circuitous and slippery, resulting from a series of life experiences that brilliantly merged to plant a seed - a seed that was diligently watered and nurtured until it sprouted and grew. It is still growing.

Yet, the story must have some place of conception. And it does. Let’s take it back to 90s.

In the 90s, Brian had his nose in the books. Dabbling in quantum physics texts, reading books such as Gary Zukav's Dancing Wu Li Masters, The Tao of Physics, and Autobiography of a Yogi, Brian became increasingly aware of the convergence of science and spirituality.

All of these different styles of inquiry and more were pointing to the fact that everything at the sub-atomic level – the unseen layer of the universe – was pure, energetic vibration. From this highly intelligent and connected sea of cosmic vibration, creation emerged.

Yogis have realized this energetic principle for some time. In the Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda explains Aum as a cosmic vibration upholding creation:

“God is the Word or Om or Holy Ghost or Cosmic Vibration or Cosmic Energy. God is Cosmic Sound resulting from the Cosmic Energy and Cosmic Vibration. God’s first manifestation is the Word or Intelligent Cosmic Vibrating Sound.”

Okay, so how does all this apply to the origin of YogaVibes? Just you wait. Hint: Think vibration.


In 2004, Brian experienced a life-awakening experience involving his health. Like many, he turned to yoga to find balance. Heavy work-related travel carried him into yoga studios around the world. As a quasi-international yogi, Brian became very drawn to the deep sense of unity he experienced in the yoga-sphere. Though uprooted from home and familiarity, he still experienced a profound connection to health, wellness, and community when practicing yoga.

Yoga’s potential to inspire meaningful connection and form community became clear. This realization sparked an Aha! moment: What if these yoga communities could come together in a virtual stage? What if he could help these studios and communities connect to yogis beyond their local environments?

And thus, the seed for YogaVibes was planted – a seed that he couldn’t help but water and nurture. He thought: I must do this. He strongly felt that this was in line with his dharma – his ultimate purpose.

The next step was to stitch together a strategy to render this vision a reality. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight.


In 2006, YogaVibes was still a zygote. Since it was newly developing, it was without name. That was about to change. By chance, Brian stumbled upon a New York Yoga magazine and read an interview featuring Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga. In the magazine, he read a quote from David that hit him smack-dab in the third eye:

“The Chakras – a model for viewing various levels of consciousness, helps by giving context and structure to the way that our nervous system experiences and reacts to the world around us. Chakra tuning means that you “VIBE” with any of the various levels of consciousness, bringing our unique experiences under the clear light of perception.”

This quote would soon attach a meaningful name to his virtual vision.

On a flight home from a trip, another Aha! moment sparked. He realized that yoga is a process intended to open ourselves up, increase our receptivity, and fine-tune our awareness. By allowing us to tap into the life force (prana), align our energy, and melt away the Maya (the illusion of the ego), yoga offers a way to elevate consciousness and connect to an elevated “VIBE.” Hence…YogaVibes!

This name – YogaVibes – appropriately embodies the convergence of spirituality and science that even the most respected physics research location in the world has recognized. At CERN, located in Switzerland, stands a human-sized statue of the dancing, vibrating Shiva depicted as Nataraja: The Cosmic Dancer. Shiva symbolizes cosmic creation and destruction, and offers a metaphor for the cosmic dance that modern physicists have only recently begun to investigate and explain.

CERN Shiva Statue


That brings us to the present. What has become of one small seed of thought is now a phenomenal platform in a virtual stage that allows people to share their beautiful communities to larger communities, enhancing connection and exchange in a smart, authentic way. What’s more, it allows yogis around the world to practice yoga anytime and anywhere, to experience a deeper connection to community and to the self, and to expand individual consciousness.

The orb over the E in YogaVibes symbolizes the energetic expansion and connection that YogaVibes aspires to create through the power of yoga.


“We are literally bringing and vibrating yoga from community to community. And for me, that thought raises my vibration.” ~Brian Ratté

Vibrating yoga,


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