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  • Fresh Vibes: Awaken & Activate

    What’s fresh on our online yoga menu?

    Awesomeness per usual.


    Got core?

    Join Cristi Christensen for core-activation exercises followed by Sun Salutations with core-engagement in mind. In this online yoga class, you will open the pelvis with a standing sequence with long holds in Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II), side angle pose (parsvakonasana), and half moon pose (ardha chandrasana). Practice dolphin pose or forearm balance (pincha mayurasana) followed by a forearm plank series. Get into the shoulders with a great shoulder opener and some fun variations on wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana) with blocks. Cool down with reclining twists and savasana. (90 mins.)

    Cyclist or chronic chair sitter?

    Then Sage Rountree’s new online yoga video is for you! In this yoga video for cyclists (and chair sitters), you will work gently to open the front of the body and strengthen the back. Enjoy a focus on hips and shoulders while balancing strength and flexibility. Alternate between spinal extension exercises to work the core and lunges to release the hips. Finish with a deep relaxation. (56 mins.)

    Short on time?

    Join Gigi Yogini for a quick, full body activation sequence to build heat and work in a great stretch! Open your hips and quadriceps as well as your shoulders and heart. Cultivate energy for your day or blow off steam before bed. Feel free to modify or customize as much as you'd like. (24 mins.)

    Awaken your intuition.

    This class is designed to awaken your intuition and make you feel happy! In this online yoga kundalini set, you will work the pituitary gland, which is the center of intuition. When the pituitary gland secretes, the nectar is said to raise your intuition and open the door to the Infinite. This meditation (Smiling Buddha Kriya) is said to have been practiced by both Jesus and the Buddha, and it is a very ancient mudra of peace. Resonate the four primal sounds Sa Ta Na Ma meaning Infinity, Life, Death, and Rebirth to connect with the whole cycle of life. This meditation is also good for connecting with the positive mind and taking care of depression. (88 mins.)

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    There ya go, yogis. Fresh opportunities to awaken and activate in mind, body, and spirit!

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  • Strike A Pose: Chaturanga with Justin Michael Williams

    chaturanga dandasana

    This week's Strike-a-Pose yoga video is brought to you by Justin Michael Williams, a California-based yoga instructor. Filming from Gigi Yogini's Secret Studio, Justin put together a free online yoga video demoing the dos and don'ts of a core pose in the practice: Chaturanga.

    Chaturanga is a pose performed over and over and over again in a Vinyasa flow style class. It's the broken record of yoga poses. It's an incredibly powerful pose that builds heat, strengthens your arms, and tones your abs. It has a transitional quality to it, but that doesn't mean you should just brush it off and move through it with sloppy alignment. Over time, messy chaturanga-ing may potentially cause serious damage to your body, leading to aches, pains, and even injury. So, do it right. Since it's repeated so frequently in Vinyasa flow style classes, you want to get the alignment cues straight.

    This online yoga video with Justin will teach you everything you need to know to create the perfect Chaturanga. First, set yourself up in the perfect plank. "A perfect Chaturanga starts with a perfect Plank," says Justin. After you've established that solid plank, move into a solid Chaturanga. Also, review some common mistakes of this pose, including splaying of the elbows, dipping, etc. After you've watched this yoga video demo, you can say farewell to all of that nonsense. Now, you have all the information you need to stay aligned and safe during your home practice.


    Dig this free yoga video with Justin? Check out more of his free yoga videos and full-length online yoga classes on YogaVibes!


  • Fresh Vibes: Energy Upgrades, Balance Adjustments, and More!

    full splits in handstand

    What’s the latest? 

    Here's what.

    Upgrade your energy.

    Sweat and build strength in Justin Michael Williams’ playful Vinyasa class – a class specifically designed to energize your body. Did you know that our bodies are filled with ecstatic energy?  This online yoga class allows you to experience this energy directly, leaving you in a state of pure bliss. Prepare yourself for a powerful workout in mind, body, and spirit!

    Treat your body like a wonderland.

    Because it is. The physical body is the temple of the divine soul. Take care of it! Keep it healthy and well structured! This is essential so we can better support our journey and fulfill our true purpose. Kioymi Takahashi’s powerful and energizing Kundalini Yoga set is designed to adjust your body back into balance, elevate your spiritual vibe, and welcome positive transformation. It's the perfect set before a deep meditation.

    Go on an inner wisdom treasure hunt.

    Feelin’ out of touch with your intuitive body? Join Cristi Christensen for an online yoga video designed to help you tune back in to your true, knowing self. Gently wake up the spine before moving into a beautiful Sun Salutation flow. Follow your own breath and the hypnotic, live music provided by Christopher Hawley. This core activation sequence is followed by a standing sequence that ends with hamstring openers, including hanumanasana and the arm balance, eka pada koundinyasana II. End with seated forward folds and an opportunity to practice alternate nostril breathing before settling into savasana.

    Take, take, take, takin’ what you need.

    Stop wanting. Stop not wanting. Practice coming into the moment and embracing what you already have in this challenging Vinyasa yoga video with Rolf Gates. Start with hip openers to warm up and then flow through a lively standing sequence. Finish up with several backbends and reclining poses to stretch out your body and prepare for a hard-earned savasana.

    Get back in the swing of things.

    Feelin’ a little “out of rhythm”? In search of some much-needed restoration? This quick, yet challenging online yoga practice with Sean Gray is what you need! With a focus on balancing poses that take quite a bit of core engagement, you can get 'back on track' in just a few minutes so that the rest of your day can flow with greater ease.

    Browse our latest online yoga videos now. Take what you need to get back in the swing of things, unlock your inner wisdom, and upgrade your energy. Treat your body, mind, and spirit like the wonderland it is!

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  • Strike A Pose: Cobra or Up Dog? with Justin Michael Williams

    This week’s strike-a-pose yoga video is brought to you by Justin Michael Williams, a Los Angeles, California based yoga teacher and social media guru.

    In this online yoga video, Justin will deconstruct Upward Facing Dog and Cobra - two (surprisingly deep) heart-opening poses that are typically repeated many times throughout a Vinyasa flow style class.

    up dog Upward Facing Dog via

    Choosing between "Up Dog" and Cobra can be tricky business depending on your fitness level, flexibility, and body type. In this online yoga demo, Justin will teach you everything you need to know about these backbends so you can get the alignment cues straight, choose the pose that feels best for your body, and move into both of these heart-opening postures with newfound awareness, grace, and ease.

    cobra and up dog

    If you dig this free yoga video with Justin, you’ll definitely want to check out his full-blown, energizing Vinyasa yoga videos at

  • Fresh Vibes: Pincha Prep, Yoga for Cyclists, and More!

    What's the latest on our online yoga menu?

    forearm balance Pincha Mayurasana practice via

    Yoga for Cyclists.

    Join Sage Rountree for a short online yoga practice designed for cyclists, yet appropriate for anyone who spends lots of time sitting in a chair each day. Start with a gentle spinal warm-up that also targets the front of the hips and chest, releasing tightness. Move into a series of lunges to stretch the hips front and back, inside and outside. Finish with a supported backbend to release the hip flexors further. (29 mins.)

    Third Trimester Support.

    Experience Olynda Smith’s delightful online prenatal yoga sequence designed to help you find support by opening the lower body. Work the bottoms of the feet, hamstrings, calves, thighs and hips. With an open and strong lower body you can learn to tap into the unimaginable amount of support available from your own body and from your body's connection to the earth below you. If you are looking for a longer yoga practice, combine this class with "Third Trimester: Sanctuary of the Heart" for some upper body love, too! (33 mins.)

    Find Your Equilibrium.

    Start slowly with pranayama to establish an effortless breath. Rolf Gates will lead you a through a strong, well-rounded Vinyasa yoga class to help you find ease in your yoga practice. Use Rolf's teaching to help you gain awareness of all the effort it takes to achieve proper alignment in all of the poses and all that is going on in your life. Take time to enjoy the practice and life so it isn't all effort. The challenging standing sequence is followed by core work, reclining twists, and several different backbends. (97 mins.)

    Prep for Pincha.

    Journey to Pincha Mayurasana in Tiffany Russo’s SmartFLOW yoga video. Start in virasana with shoulder work with a block as you practice plugging your upper arms into your shoulder sockets and engaging your upper back in preparation for a forearm balance. Tiffany will guide you through an alignment-focused class designed to strengthen and open the shoulders and create length in the spine and side body. Experience a strong standing flow in this online yoga class that will end with backbends, core work and seated twists and forward folds. (81 mins.

    Soul Nourishment.

    Join Andres Salcedo for a chest-opening online yoga video. English: Enjoy an all levels practice to make your heart the guiding force for this simple yet soothing and empowering experience. A combination of heart opening poses that will help you lighten and nourish the soul. Total bliss and peace guaranteed! Espanol: Una practica para todos los niveles, haz tu corazón la fuerza que te guía en esta simple sin embargo reconfortante y poderosa experiencia. Una combinación de poses para abrir el corazón y ayudarte a alivianar y nutrir tu alma. Total felicidad y paz garantizada. (30 mins.)

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